Run, Boy!
General conditions
Last modification on
September 11th 2016

Version française

1. General conditions of the game

Important : Apple is not involved in any way with the contest. There will be NO Apple product to win.

a. The legal agreement between you and ‘Run, Boy Game!’ set out below, governs your use of ‘Run, Boy!’ . If you agree with those terms, click « CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK », if you do not agree, do not click on « CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK » and DON'T use ‘Run, Boy!’. Take note that ‘Run, Boy!’ is a free game and will always be. The present contract aims to keep the use of ‘Run, Boy!’ safe for the ‘Run, Boy!’ team and for its users.

b. ‘Run, Boy!’ game is not a game of chance. The player needs to obtain the best score and this, for each contest. The difficulty is the same for each player. The only difference is the location of the buildings in the background and this does not affect the level of difficulty. The positioning of the obstacles of the value of the coins (points) will be identical for each player. The player can view the complete instructions on the website of ‘Run, Boy!’ at the following adress : in the 'game instructions' section.

c. In case of equality between two (2) players, the first player having obtained this score before the date/time limit of the contest, will be the winner. The player having obtained the same score but finishing second, will not receive any prize.

d. The ‘Run, Boy! team has the right to block the access to the contests to any player being suspected of cheating, whatever the way he cheated : any software that would help the player, hacking or other. The player suspected of cheating cannot win any prize and, if he already won a contest permitting him to win a prize, ‘Run, Boy!’ team will possibly have a claim done for compensatory damages against him. If a player finishing first is accused of cheating, the prize will be attributed to the person who finishes second.

e. The player agrees not to give a false ‘Facebook’ account, nor use multiple ‘Facebook’ accounts to participate in contests. Moreover, the player is responsible for giving the right address when he signs in, in order to able the ‘Run, Boy!’ team to contact him by email in case he wins a contest. The ‘Run, Boy!’ team is not responsible for a wrong address given by the player.

f. The email address of the Facebook account is set by default and will be used and linked to the account of the ‘Run, Boy!’ player. At the first startup, your email address will be confirmed in order to make sure that this is the address you want to use. If not, go to the ´settings' section in order to make the appropriate change. The user who requests a change of his email address, needs to click on the confirmation link in the email sent by the ‘Run, Boy!’ team, within 24 hours. Otherwise, the change will not be taken in account. If the change doesn’t work, the player has the obligation to contact ‘Run, Boy!’ team to inform them about the problem. The player is responsible of giving a valid email address in order to be contacted if he wins a contest and a prize.

g. ‘Run, Boy!’ team could send you emails of information and/or solicitation. The ‘Run, Boy!’ team will not sell nor offer your email address to a third party.

h. The personal information about a player received by ‘Facebook’ and the stats received by the ‘Run, Boy!’ application could be use to better target a group of player for specific advertising. The personal information of the player will not be given nor sold to any company.

i. The ‘Run, Boy!’ team is not responsible for the loss of a user’s score in case his smartphone or application encounters a problem : application crash, low battery, phone call received or any other situations. Please take note that if the user receives a call while he is playing, the game will stop.

j. The ‘Run, Boy!’ application might not be compatible with your device - phone or pad.

k. If the player plays in the contest mode and the device loses internet connection at the moment he is game over, the score will not be sent. However, the score will be sent at the next contest game played with an available internet connection.

l. Depending on which type of device you use, in the contest or in the practice mode, if you receive a notification or a call while playing, you could be ‘game over’ by default and ‘Run, Boy!’ team will not be responsible for that.

m . ‘Run, Boy!’ uses internet data. It is your responsibility to have an adequate internet plan with your mobile services provider. ‘Run, Boy!’ is not responsible in case you exceed your plan and/or that additional fees are charged to you by your mobile services provider.

n. The Run, Boy!´ team is not responsible for the advertisement shown at the bottom of the pages of the game. The advertisements generated come from various companies having no link with ´Run, Boy!´. The ´Run, Boy!´ team has, thus, no control on the advertisement that will appear and to which internet address this advertisement will lead you. The ´Run, Boy!´ team is not responsible for the stats and information obtained by those advertisement companies. All opinion given in these advertisements are those of the companies generating those advertisements.

o. The ´Run, Boy!´ team shows humoristic elements in the game: panels, false advertisements, jokes , obstacles. These comic elements do not represent in any way the opinion of any member of the ´Run, Boy!´ team - They are only based on the news, and are not, in any way, done intentionally to harm anyone.

p. The ´Run, Boy!´ game can proceed to updates of the background, requiring your phone connection. This can use many megaoctets of your internet plan. The ´Run, Boy!´ team is not responsible if your mobile provider charges you for using more megs than stipulated in your contract.

q. The user participating in special contests cannot share his access code with anyone. If he does, the code will be suspended and, any future use will be prohibited. Moreover, the player will lose his privilege to participate in other special contests in the future.

r. ´Run, Boy!´ uses your Facebook account in order to connect yourself. Even though the terms and conditions of Facebook apply to your account, we remind you not to reveal to anyone the information related to your account. You are the only person responsible of the confidentiality and security of your account as well as all operations done on your account.

2. Terms applying to winner

a. When the winner is known, he will be contacted by email in order to confirm his postal address for the reception of his prize. If he does not reply to that email within 48 hours in order to confirm his postal address, the tickets will be attributed to the second best player.

b. The winner player is responsible for checking his indesirable mail inbox of his email address in case the message containing details to the winner might be found there.

c. The tickets will be sent by messenger such as UPS/Fedex/Purolator/DHL. A signature will be requested on reception of the envelop containing the tickets for the event. The player is responsible for being present in order to receive the envelope.

d. If the tickets are not delivered due to a problem related to the messenger, ´Run, Boy!´ team will not be considered responsible.

e. If the player is not at home to receive his tickets, ´Run, Boy!´ team will not be considered responsible.

f. If the player lives outside Canada, he will have to pay all duty fees. As this is a gift, there should be no fees. In case there is a change in the law and that the frontier services claim any fees, the winner will be responsible for the payment of such fees.

g. The ´Run, Boy! Team is not responsible for the events to which will assist the winners : cancellations, postponed events, expulsions and/or any other problem related to the event itself. If the winner is less than 18 years old, a written confirmation of his parents will be required before the sending of tickets to him. The parent/person responsible of the minor person will have to accompany him to the event. In the case that the parent/person responsible choose not to accompany the minor person, the ´Run, Boy!´ team cannot be held responsible.

h. A player cannot win a pair of tickets of another contest he participated in and/or another contest that has started in less than 120 days after the date of his last win.